This proprietary technology was developed with the Israeli governmental Innovation Authority and is used in various water treatment applications around the world. The machin kills bacteria, viruses (including Coronavirus) and other pathogens while destroying the toxic by-products of chlorine/bromine. It thereby also reduces the eye/skin/breathing irritation and smell caused by chemical disinfectants.

MikvaTech’s oxidation technology is the only oxidation system that is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health for use in mikvaot.

Kills bacteria viruses and pathogens including Coronavirus

Minimal maintenance

Built-in timer

Destroys toxic chemical by-products and reduces eye, skin and respiratory irritation from chlorine

Decreases “chlorine-odor”

The oxidation unit operates on a built-in timer and is operated throughout the night when the mikva is not in use. The machine itself is installed in a machine/otzar room outside of the water. A 0.32” air pipe exits from the machine and is placed in the water. The radicals are diffused into the water through this small pipe and destroy the pathogens and organic matter in the water. The contaminants are oxidized and float to the water’s surface. When there is a filter in the mikva, these floating contaminants are collected by the filter. When there is no filter in the mikva, as in many womens’ mikvaot, the oxidation unit is used together with the MikvaClean Skimmer.

Approved by leading rabbinical authorities and used by hundreds of women and men mikvaot worldwide.


Used in a variety of applications including the largest and most prestigious infinity swimming pool in the world, the Marina Bay Sands Singapore skypark pool.

Model Voltage Watt Dimensions (inch) Weight (lbs) Daily Tovlim Size of Bor Tevila (US gal)
APSM450 120-240V


90W 16X24X8 27 <150 1,600
APSM900 120-240V


220W 20X28X10 40 <350 2,100