Do you know how to maintain your Mikva water properly?

Do you have a good understanding of what chemicals you should be using and in what quantities?

Many countries and state health codes require public swimming pools to be maintained by a certified professional to ensure water health. While there are many options for professional swimming pool education and certification, there is a lack of adequate information available for a mikva operator.

Providing healthy and clean mikva water is of utmost importance for tovlim.

At Mikvatech, we belive the three pillars of healthy mikva water maintenance are:

  Effective Filtration    Correct disinfection & oxidation   Proper Education 


Our vision is to help every mikva achieve clean and healthy water.

In addition to our water purification systems, we offer training and education on properly maintaining chemical levels in your mikva. We are proud to provide the official training for mikva water maintenance for the Israeli Ministry of Religion's Mikva Operating Course at Ariel University.  

So, if you have wondered what the optimal way to treat your mikva water is,

 join us online for a FREE LESSON which will cover:

  • What are the Israeli Ministry of Health mikva water requirements
  • What are Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, pH and Turbidity and how are they are dependent on each other
  • Types of disinfectants and how they effect other parameters in the water