MikvaTech Filter

Developed by our leading engineers in conjunction with prominent Rabbanim, our proprietary fixed mikva filter is superior operationally and more mehudar halachically over other fixed filters that exist in mikvaos. Our filters operate using electronic speed controller brushless underwater motors and thrusters. We do not use external carbon brush motors. Due to this, our filters do not have as many consumables and have a smaller footprint in the mikva. They are more mehudar with shfoferes hanod at all areas in the filter.

International patent pending.


  • Underwater brushless motor
  • Does not require carbon brush and coupling replacement
  • Smaller footprint
  • More aesthetic
  • Quieter than other filters
  • Mehudar with Shfoferes Hanod the entire length
  • Made in Israel


Input Voltage

Operating Voltage


Dimensions (inch)

Weight (lbs)

Daily Tovlim

Size of Bor Tevila (US gal)

FL75 Filter Body 24VDC 100W 7X8X46 19 <75 1,100
Control Box 120V-230V


12X10X6 9
FL150 Filter Body 28VDC 150W 7X8X46 20 <150 1,600
Control Box 120V-230V


12X10X6 10
FL350 Filter Body 28VDC 300W 16X8X46 42 <350 2,100
Control Box 120V-230V


12X12X6 12
Cartridge 80cm 6X6X34 3.5